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Since 14th September 2019, in accordance with the PSD2 directive, you are asked for your LuxTrust Token once when you log on, then every 90 days in order to log on to Web Banking (for those who access their accounts using their client number and secret code only). 

For certain operations, you may be asked to provide your 6-digit secret code, in addition to the OTP sent to your LuxTrust Token. 

What is the PSD2? 

This European Payment Services Directive encourages innovation, while facilitating, securing and making electronic payments more efficient within the European Union.



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Logging on to Web Banking - Instructions


Do you have a problem connecting?

Ensure that you have your client number (10 digits), a secret code (six digits) and a Token (or a Card Code).

If you need help, please contact your account manager or call the Client Department at (+352) 42 42 – 2000 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.



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