LuxTrust token: even greater security

LuxTrust displays a selection of images and ask you to choose one.

This image, which only you will know, will then be displayed whenever you use your Token to validate your transactions in Web Banking.

For added security, the details of the transaction (amount, beneficiary, etc.) will be displayed on the image.

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Vous pouvez aussi gérer vos comptes depuis votre mobile ou votre tablette en téléchargeant l'application Web Banking !

Logging on to Web Banking - Instructions


Do you have a problem connecting?

Ensure that you have your client number (10 digits), a secret code (six digits) and a Token (or a Card Code).

If you need help, please contact your account manager or call the Client Department at (+352) 42 42 – 2000 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.



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